Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Official

It's official. I have turned into my father. Not my mother (although there are many things that I have -- ehem -- learned from her that I never thought I would do, say, or think...but that is a whole 'nother post!), but my father.

I distinctly remember a time when I was about 8 or 9 and my sisters and I were playing outside while my father did some yardwork or something and a teenager, driving a beat up old car of some kind, went tearing down my street. I looked at my dad and I swear I saw steam coming out of his ears. The kid must have driven by our house again and somehow my dad got him to stop to share a few words. My dad was fuming...a few bad words may have been said (nah...not my dad!)...bodily harm or legal action may have been threatened...and the kid finally drove off - very slowly - quaking in his boots. I couldn't understand why my dad got so mad at this kid. After all, isn't that what teenagers are supposed to do? Drive fast and try to look cool?

I understand now.

This afternoon, Megan and I took off on our bikes in search of Jake who was not answering my call over the walkie-talkie. During our ride, I noticed a white SUV driving VERY fast down the neighborhood street and running a stop sign. The driver pulled into a driveway, got out and disappeared into the house. After locating Jake, I noticed Mr. McSpeedalot pulling out of the driveway. I parked Megan on the sidewalk, told her not to move, and raced into the middle of the street to flag the little bugger down. He actually stopped instead of running me over and I gave him more than a piece of my mind. I ripped him a new one. I really let him have it. I was FURIOUS! And then I called him an idiot (seriously, I called him an idiot...and I only one bad word came flying out of my mouth...and it isn't such a bad word anymore...they say it on TV all the time). I memorized his license plate as he slowly drove off. I don't think he was exactly quaking in his boots (my father, at 6'3", is a tad bit more imposing than me at 5'2"), but I'm quite sure he got the message...even if he was wondering where the heck the crazed lady came from!

So you see....I have become my dad. There sure are worse people I could become. So thanks, Dad, for loving me and my sisters enough to scream at an irresponsible teenage driver that could have brought us harm.

So how have YOU turned into your mom or dad? Or what have you recently done or said that, as a kid, you NEVER thought would happen?


Anonymous said...

Every day I say something that reminds me of my mother and every time I realize it, I end up closer and closer to therapy.

Supervised Mama said...

I'm trying so hard not to be like my mom, that when I say something that doesn't sound like her I know I'm on the right track. She wasn't a good role model like your dad. In fact she wasn't even there to see a fast driver when we were kids.

I think it's awesome that you gave him a piece of your mind!!

Camflock said...

The last time I stopped a car in the road for speeding down my street -- I was pregnant. Imagine me waddling into the street, hormonal and scary. It was a sight. Glad to hear I am not the only one with a "passion" for slowing down the neighborhood speed racers.