Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out of touch

Does anyone know how to do a "contact backup" for their wireless phone? I'd really like to know. That way, if my cell phone ever again leaps out of my pocket at a ridiculously crowded amusement park to never be found again, I won't have to spend hours trying to track down people's phone numbers and then cause crippling arthritis in my thumbs and blindness in my eyes while trying to key in everyone's phone number to my (sortof) new phone. UGH. And since we don't have a land line (a practice I used to think was thoroughly crazy) I was going thoroughly crazy and feeling very out of touch for a whopping 36 hours. Thank God for Hotmail and Facebook.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

We were looking pretty fancy, being that it was Easter, so we took a few photos. Funny how these two sweet looking children who appear to adore each other were hitting and yelling at each other just a few minutes later.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

The UnMom does this thing called "Random Tuesday Thoughts". She has a button, but I'm too tired and lazy right now to figure out how to "grab" it. Anyway - check her out. She's funny. On to my random thoughts for today...

I used to meet friends for drinks or dinner in the evenings. Now I go to PTA meetings. How did that happen?

Have you seen those ads for some kind of drink called Syke No. 9? If you did, you probably didn't notice the giant beverage can in the commercial. You may not have even known it was a commercial for a beverage. Probably because you were too busy rolling your eyes at the ridiculous skanks women dancing around. Tell me -- would any self-respecting woman buy this beverage? Didn't think so. (BTW, I am not stupid enough to believe that it is being marketed to people such as myself, i.e. females, but still...)

There is a man that lives in my neighborhood who walks every morning and every afternoon. And he walks and walks and walks. There are some days when I swear that he has been walking the entire day. His route brings him past the front of my house around 7:55 AM, which is loudly announced by my dog barking furiously. His walking route and my driving route often cross around 8:30 AM as I am driving Megan to school. He always salutes me. It always makes me smile. Thanks for that, Walking Man.

This weekend, I spent many hours weeding my flower beds and planting some new plants. I discovered that I hate crabgrass or whatever that annoyingly stubborn, leggy, and unsightly stuff is that pops up all over the place. It's a bitch to remove. And it wraps itself around the plants that I put there on purpose. But....I now have two great weapons in my arsenal...a spray bottle filled with vinegar and a really cool root-removal tool. I came. I saw crabgrass. I kicked its ass. (Thanks to Linda for the vinegar hint. You sure do know a lot of uses for vinegar! And flaxseed!)

After conquering most of the crabgrass, I planted a few new plants, including two gorgeous hydrangea bushes. I love hydrangeas. I had them in my bridal bouquet and have loved them ever since. I used some bagged garden soil while planting them and the smell of it kept transporting me back to my Nana's (now Aunt Linda's) lake house. Something about the earthy smell of the dirt smelled just like the lake smelled. It gave me a hankering for a pita filled with tuna and some corn on the cob, two foods that I always associate with "The Lake" and my Nana.

Those are my random thoughts for today....maybe I'll figure out how to grab the official Random Tuesday Thoughts button in time for next Tuesday.