Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out of touch

Does anyone know how to do a "contact backup" for their wireless phone? I'd really like to know. That way, if my cell phone ever again leaps out of my pocket at a ridiculously crowded amusement park to never be found again, I won't have to spend hours trying to track down people's phone numbers and then cause crippling arthritis in my thumbs and blindness in my eyes while trying to key in everyone's phone number to my (sortof) new phone. UGH. And since we don't have a land line (a practice I used to think was thoroughly crazy) I was going thoroughly crazy and feeling very out of touch for a whopping 36 hours. Thank God for Hotmail and Facebook.


chuckmccky said...

I have a Sprint phone. They offer Sprint Mobile Sync, which saves all changes to your contact list on their service and it is at no extra charge.

Of course, you do need to know where you put your password and PIN! I just found this out as I tried to register my phone for this service!

Anonymous said...

Verizon has a similar contact list backup "Backup Assistance" that saves your latest edits on their site, you can even update them online rather than fighting with the phone keypad. It cost a couple of bucks per month 1.99?), but saced my life more than once!