Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm throwing a party!

Finally! ...The New England Journal of Medicine has scientifically proven that the key to weight loss is the simple concept of calories in vs. calories out! How much you eat vs. how many calories you burn off through physical activity. Wow...what a concept!?!?

All those "diets" that tell you exactly what foods to eat, what foods to eliminate, exactly when to eat and exactly when not to eat drive me totally crazy!

I hope the media takes this info and runs with it for two reasons: 1) so we won't have to hear any more about that crazy Nadya Suleman anymore, and 2) so we can finally stop listening to people talk about low carb this and low carb that! Unfortunately, the concept of calories in vs. calories out isn't particularly sexy or exciting or trendy and it will probably only be mentioned in passing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mermaid t-shirts and flip-flop earrings

This past weekend, I spent three days with 9 other girls at Holden Beach, NC. Some were already good friends. Some were acquaintances and a couple were essentially strangers. It was a fantastic weekend. Lots of girl talk, lots of relaxation, lots of food (oh...the food. UGH!), and lots of fun. Oh...and a few drinks. It was a completely unstructured, unplanned, un-hectic weekend. It was just what I needed.

One of the girls, Lezlee, designed some shirts for us and even bought us all these cute little flip flop earrings. Don't we all look adorable?

Aside from learning some funny and interesting details about my friends' lives, I also learned that I have a fantastic husband. In the 60+ hours that I was away from home, he didn't have to call me for anything. He did it all by himself....and always does. I've always known how capable a father Eric is. But it was totally solidified this weekend as I listened to the other women answer their husbands' frequent phone calls and questions about where is this....what do I do....etc. And to top it all off, upon my return, the house was neat and tidy, the kids were well rested and well-fed, and everyone was happy.

And no....he doesn't have a brother.

I love ya, babe!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time to move?

Maybe we have been in NC too long...

While Megan and Jake were creating some valentine crafts, Jake started shouting for Megan to hand something over...

Megan: "You have to raise your hand. You can't just holler out!"

Holler? We may yell, we may shout...we may even scream...but I'm pretty sure I have never hollered! She sure didn't learn that from me or Eric.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

It is such a shame that they can't always be this sweet, innocent and angelic...isn't it?