Monday, August 11, 2008

Love it!

Yes...another post about the Olympics. Can you tell how much I LOVE the Olympics? Last night's men's 4 x 100 freestyle relay is the exact reason why!

A thunderstorm rumbled through our area right around 11:00 and I was sure that our satellite TV was gonna go out right before the relay race that I had been waiting up to see. It didn't, thank goodness. The storm did, however, wake Jake up. I was actually glad that he was awake. It was 11:20 and I brought him downstairs to watch the race with me. I told him which lane to watch. I told him that if an American Flag popped up on the screen each time a swimmer touched the wall it meant our team was winning. After each length of the pool, he wondered where the American Flag was. I told him to just wait. Have faith. We will win. But then I wasn't so sure...

As our anchorman, Jason Lezak, dove in the water, I started to think that the USA team might have to settle for second place. Jake's eyes were glued to the TV. My heart rate was accelerating. Why isn't the American Flag on our screen? he asked. I don't think our team is gonna win, he said. It's not over yet, I told him. And then it happened. Lezak started closing the gap and the adrenaline took over. Mine...not just Jason Lezak's! Jake and I both sat up straight, leaning toward the TV. They might win, Jake....they might win...I think they're gonna win, I said. And then the American flag popped up and Jake's arms (and mine, too) went up in the air. I got chills. I've seen the replay no less than 20 times today and I still get nervous watching the last couple of seconds and I still get chills and a huge grin on my face when I see Lezak touch the wall first and see the reaction of his teammates. It was so great to watch and so great to share the excitement with Jake. After a race like can you NOT love the Olympics???

In case you didn't see the race, see it here.