Thursday, August 14, 2008

The ICK Factor!

Allow me to set the scene: a 30-something mother of two successfully potty trains both of her children before they become adults (at times it seemed as though the darling son would be wearing diapers to college). Said mother therefore thinks her days of cleaning poop are over.

WRONG!....because she didn't take Max the Cat into consideration.

Flashback to November 2007:
Jake and Eric are playing outside in the early evening when some type of four-legged, furry creature approaches them. Upon further inspection, they determine the creature is, in fact, a small cat. A very dirty, very flea-ridden, and very skinny cat. With really big ears. He had obviously been living outside for quite sometime and therefore did not appear to have the self-cleaning feature that most cats usually possess. So of course, we decided to adopt this mangy little thing. Max eventually learned to use the litter box with relatively little mess. The key word is "relatively"!

Back to present day.
I walk up the stairs to take a shower and an overwhelming stench of cat poop assaults my nostrils. Armed with a can of Lysol, I bravely enter the room from which the toxic smell is emanating. After I regained consciousness I discovered little brown cat footprints leading from the litter box to the door, out into the hallway, all the way through my bedroom, and into my bathroom. Yup - he stepped in his own poop and tracked it ALL OVER THE PLACE!

And Eric wonders why I am constantly kicking the cat out of our bed. Say it together...."ICK!!!"

I have only one question remaining: Is it bad to clean your cat with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes???


From the Mouths of Babes said...

That is pretty bad, Laurie! Sorry!

I have one for you though. Today, John Stephen came running over to me with his diaper hanging out of the bottom of his shorts and he was sprinkling poop pebbles all along the way! Apparently one side of his diaper had come undone and it was sliding off of his body!

Supervised Mama said...

Hi Laurie, What a cute blog. My MIL has a cat that has gone blind so she has trouble finding the litter box, needless to say it gets a little gross at times!

I look forward to reading your blog!!

PS thanks for commenting on mine!!

Flock Fold Kids said...

After climbing into the chicken coop this morning to fetch the chicken's water and getting "ick" on me -- I can relate to the stench and gross factor. I guess in reality there is more city gal in me than country gal. I am working on that.