Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm off the hook!

Here's a big weight off my shoulders...

"Scientists at Harvard School of Public Health found no link at all between eating fruits and vegetables and cancer risk. It didn’t matter whether people consumed two servings a day or 10; their risk of developing cancer over the 15-year study period was exactly the same."


This not-so-good fruit and veggie eater (do fruit-flavored Skittles count as a fruit? Kidding, Mom, I do eat some fruit...every once in awhile...sortof) is not more at risk for cancers than all those extra health-conscious people. What a relief.

Now if someone could just find scientific proof that eating ice cream every day is EXCELLENT for your health. Then I'd be really good to go!


Jen said...

I believe that eating ice cream is good for my mental health, if nothing else!!

From the Mouths of Babes said...

Mental health... that's important! I agree! Mmmm, ice cream!

Flock Fold Kids said...

I honestly just had this conversation with the kids yesterday about eating fruits and veggies and it helping prevent cancer. Thanks for sharing the updated news.

I vote for a research grant that would prove the benefits of ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Note to self: put down spinach, pick up fritter. (Fritters have fruit in them, bonus!)