Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazy magnet

I've frequently kidded my friend Toni that she is a magnet for crazy people. Toni has some good stories about these frequent encounters and they never get dull. Unfortunately, I think the magnetism has transferred to me! UGH! It's amusing to hear the stories, but not so much when I am a part of them.

Nothing major happened...I just got blind-sided by some crazy lady during one of my classes last week. I thought she was about to simply walk out (it happens every once in a while), but instead she chewed me out right in the middle of a turn step! I could do nothing but stand there completely still with my mouth hanging open and twenty something aerobicizers waiting for me to tell them what step to do next! It was a short chewing-out, but a chewing-out nonetheless. Thankfully, my faithful followers literally cheered me on, saying "shake it off", "just let it slide" and the like. Therefore the tears threatening to fall simply stayed in my tear ducts. I took the cheers as them being supportive and being just as dumbfounded by the whole thing as I was, but really, they were probably just hoping I would call out the names of some steps pretty darn soon so they could actually get a workout in!

One of my regulars actually chased after her with the intent of telling her that her outburst was one of the rudest things she had ever seen, but couldn't find her. Oh well. The crazy lady couldn't be found, because apparently she went to complain to the management. OY! My boss just thought she was crazy and didn't really give much more thought to it. Cool. It's over, I thought.

But for the last few days, every time I run into someone I know from the gym, they say something like "I heard about the incident in your's the talk of the gym!" Great. For once I actually handled something fairly well - without my mouth getting me into trouble (shocking I know...can you believe it?) - and yet it just won't go away. Oh well. I can only hope for some other incident to occur so this just dies.

Toni - please take your crazy magnet back. I'm done with it!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens! Someone gets the best of your emotions and the tears start coming. That happened to me a couple of months ago when someone chewed me out and I just turned away and started bawling. Good that you had a cheering section!