Friday, July 3, 2009


A few days ago, I was in my bathroom drying my hair when Jake comes running in, shouting "Megan called me a dumbass". Megan followed close behind and told me "I did NOT call him a dumbass. He called me a dumbass". Jake retorted "I did NOT call you a dumbass. Stop trying to get me in trouble". And last but not least, Megan responded "I did not say dumbass. Jake said dumbass".

My reaction: "The next person who says dumbass is getting their mouth washed out with soap!"

I can't imagine where they possibly could have heard that word.


From the Mouths of Babes said...

I can't believe it took them this long to repeat it! And Laurie, you better get ready to eat some soap because my bet's on you being the next person to say it! Ha!

Morbid said...

r you kidding me...where did they hear that?...simple you have tv?...heres another one Do your children have friends? still dont get it..heres another one..did you ever got angry on the phone and didnt notice that probably standing in the door asking for a pizza was one of your little inocent kids?...if you still dont get it and think that this is such an unfortunate event of paradoxal with the way you punished them by the time they are 18 they would have insulted you a long time... (p.s. look at me...i never said a "curse" word near my familly because i was actually scared by the fact that my father could have fucking strangled me with his belt or kidding so guess that "washing your mouth with soap" wont help them ending up like me useing curse words is not that much of an option now)
In other order of thoughts...glad i can help you raise your kids right...