Friday, December 5, 2008

Things that make you go "what the.....!?!?!"

Someone please explain this to me...

I was standing in line at the checkout at Walmart behind a guy wearing a jacket like this one:

Now....I understand the need for camo when the deer don't see you creeping up on them. And I understand that sometimes blaze orange jackets are necessary for hunters, especially if you are going hunting with Dick Cheney. But a camo, fluorescent jacket??? Really? Doesn't that just cancel each other out? Or maybe (and it's quite possible in this town!) the guy was just wearing the jacket because he thought it looked gooooood. Let me tell you two things, gentlemen: blaze orange is a hideous color and looks good on no one! And...camo? It should only be worn if it is part of your required military uniform.


Camflock said...

Maybe he is color blind? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,
I just caught up on your crack me up! Hope you guys are doing well:)
Wendy Tobiasz

Laurie said...

I was informed this morning by a few women in the know (their husbands hunt) that deer are color blind, and cannot see the color orange. Who knew?

Kim Moldofsky said...

Wow the things I miss because I don't shop at Walmart! I didn't know about deer being color blind.