Thursday, November 6, 2008


This guy has taken up residence in the flower bed in front of our house. I'm not a big fan of spiders (and either is Eric...he's been known to jump up on a couch in response to about 150 tiny baby spiders jumping off their mother's back in our living room. I don't really fault him for this reaction, but I do mock him. I was forced to deal with these tiny baby spiders armed only with a can of strawberries and cream air freshener. OY!)

Anyway - this spider is actually kinda cool. He (or she?) spins some really cool webs and catches some interesting prey. Jake likes to check it out each day after school to see what has been caught in the web. Someone told me it was a "banana spider", but that just sounds weird. Any spider experts out there?


Sprite's Keeper said...

Sorry, no spider expert here. I've said before how I made John kill a hairball in the shower because it looked like it could be a spider. Hate them. Hate their babies too. (I shouldn't say that too loudly. I may get my parent's license revoked!)

Kim Moldofsky said...

We once had a spide move in (key phrase: on the outside of our house). Each evening we'd watch her build and rebuild her web. It was fascinating. I think the female kills the male after they mate (or is that just Black Widow spiders?). I think usually the girls are the web builders.

Camflock said...

We had a spider like this near our house recently that the kids liked to watch also. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention to the "bug guy" that we considered the spider a "friend" not a "foe." The spirder was gone by the time I was writing the check for the treatment. Rod was not happy.