Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wear your SPF!

This morning I had two small skin cancers (basal cell carcinomas) removed from my forehead, bringing the grand total of removed skin cancers to 11! Yikes! And 10 of them were on my forehead. The 11th was on my nose and I have a lovely fish hook-shaped scar to show for it. So in place of these two latest basal cell carcinomas, I now have a beautiful sideways "J" stitched above my left eyebrow. I'm lookin' good. Eventually it will fade and blend in with the rest of the scars. And at least I will never have a wrinkle-y has been so lifted, tightened and stretched over the years.

And now for a Public Service Announcement: PUT SUNSCREEN ON YOUR KIDS. EVERY. TIME. THEY. ARE. OUTSIDE. I am living proof that sun damage from your early years will come back to bite you in the ass (or forehead) when you are older. Now - I'm lucky that I have had just basal cells. I realize it could be worse. Sunscreens are getting better and better, more effective and less greasy, sticky and smelly, so the list of excuses to not put it on yourself or your kids is

That said....I wish someone would just invent sunscreen in a pill already! There are many drugs that make you more sensitive to sun exposure, so why hasn't someone come up with a drug that does the opposite??? I'll get right on that. Me and my scientific self. Right.